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's important to remember, first of all, that oakland won three straight games in detroit. but today's series finale, well, it has to be one of those gut-wrenching moments that comes from knowing they stood one away from a sweep. matt scherzer was trying to join the group of pitchers to start the season 20-and-1. he serves up a fastball. that's a two-run homer. how hot is brandon moss? moss rips his own two-run homer. in the fifth, a's led 6-1. moss, ten runs batted in in this series. closer grant balfour said he had nothing today. he was right. next, torii hunter. don't hang a slider! mmm! he hung it. that's a walk-off. tigers come back to win 7-6. >>> the nfl is about to compensate some retired players with concussion-related injuries. commissioner roger goodell has agreed to a settlement without the nfl having to admit to any liability. payoffs are prorated. but some players will receive as much as $5 million as compensation. >>> this video shows taiwan jones winning a $200 bet against his teammate. yes! he hurdles over the top of a bmw! taiwan jones, you're scary! and impressive. watch t
, huh? easy to go. >> it is a newborn. still has its eyes closed. >>> this is on a bus in detroit. you can see a woman standing behind the yellow line, and she is facingoff with the driver, and according to the person who posted the video the woman got on the bus and didn't pay. the bus driver stops the bus and gets out of her seat and the two women are engauged in something. see what is in the bus driver's hands and somebody says that is a bag of coins, but it looks like a big set of keys. the video cuts. then you see that the woman is still engaged in the discussion with the bus driver. then the woman swings her bag at the bus driver and the bus driver swings back. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> wow. man. >> and she repeatedly hits this woman. >> you can see the frustration and i feel bad she was put in the position, but she can't treat another rider like that. >> the woman did come after her first, but you can't claim self-defense any longer when it goes on for this long. >> the bus driver seems to have the woman by the neck or the head, and somehow the bus driver is on top of this
store in detroit, michigan. the clerk decided to use his cellphone to catch this all on camera. >> [ bleep ]. >> come on. >> you can see in the video that she is also throwing around displays, throwing around pamphlets. and the clerk says that she even used a knife to damage the display cases. >> wait. why was she so upset? >> that's a great question. according to the clerk she came in complaining that her son had been b in two weeks earlier and purchased a phone for $200. she claims that the phone was damaged and outdated. so she wanted a refund. the clerk says that he clearly explained that they had a seven-day return policy. this was two weeks later. it was obviously out of their return policy guidelines. now, just as she's about to leave the store, she has something to say, if you will, to the camera. >> take my [ bleep ]. i'm out of here. >> no. >> wow! >> yep. she pulled up her dress, pulled down the drawers, and -- >> and smile. >> want a close-up? cheese. >> according to reports, the owner of this cellphone store who lives in florida is planning on pursuing charges agai
plot over detroit. now there is word that he has developed a surgical second sneak to implant the bombs inside a person's body. he implanted a body in his brother's body during an unsuccessful attempt. his brother died in the attack. >>> a possible motive in the deadly shooting last night during a town meeting in pennsylvania. three people were killed. three wounded. it happened last night in ross township outside of pittsburgh. he burst into a meet and started shooting. police did arrest him minutes later. investigators say the suspect had been in a heated dispute with the supervisors over a sewer line on his property. >>> a city in south africa is apologizing to nelson mandela for posting a notice on the house warning his electricity could be shut off. he has spent two months in the hospital battling a lung infection that left him in critical condition. the city says that notice demanding payment was supposed to have been delivered to a different house. >>> the facebook ceo is speaking out on immigration reform. >> give a warm welcome. >> he appeared in san francisco at the screening
, tomorrow for baltimore and it is on for detroit for four games. >>> white be
. chase. so you can. >>> mark is here now with sports. a's look good so far. >> going to detroit, you never know cause those guys are good. >> yeah. >> tigers know what's happening, but the last couple nights, you figure the a's were due to start hitting the ball, and they have facing one of the best in the business. on a rainy night you do what you can to protect your head. those kiddest doing the cub scout thing. be prepare. but justin verlander, yesterday l -- jed lwry. two runs scored. brandon moss in the fifth with a man on. that is a shot to left center as -- his 22nd home run. look at that kid. wow. yeah, that was a good shot. seth smith also homered. a.j. jenkins barely hit the field in the nfl. this time around they have named eric reed a starter. he, of course, their number one pick out of lsu. he will be the man at free safety take tennessee spot vacated by goldsteen who left in the free agent market. reed has distinguish himself from the get go and the 94ers think they have a find in this guy on their already loaded defense. >> i feel like a professional football player.
step backs of late. sidestepping the detroit tigers. the first of a four game series back there. the team that ko'ed them in the playoffs last year. crisp ripping the ball. breaks up a 2-2 tie with his 14th homer. later, daric barton just back with the team from the minor leagues with a base hit. nate races around to score, just barely. it's a 5-4 lead after the tigers had tied it. later, coco with the glove. this guy is so important on both sides of the ball. robbing matt tuiasosopo. a.j. griffin, his first win for the month of august. a's, 2.5 back in the west. >>> from here on out, every time you see a pitch in a giant's uniform, get a good look. these are the waning days of the barry zito era. they'll still run through a wall for the guy. exhibit 1a. hunter pence. this guy, every night giving it his all. didn't get the catch. face plant against the right field wall off the michael cuddyer drive. that's how it went for the giants. although hunter pence stayed in the ballgame, as a matter of fact. todd helton later, 363rd homer of his career. zito lasts only 4 innings. the opp
was a first round pick. can moss and the a's go for the sweep? >>> detroit is the town. brandon moss of the a's, loves comerica park. moss from 14 with four homers, 10 rbis in this game. but closer belfor said he had nothing. he was right. torre hunter don't hang the slider. that's a slider that's a 3-run homer walk off win for the tigers to avoid getting swept. they're three games up in the wild card race. >>> next up stanford. >> you bet. >> it's fun to watch. thanks. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning news begins at 4:30. we'll tell you if the bay bridge closure is going to make a mess of the commute again or if the upcoming holiday is going to ease it up. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. good knight. >> good night. captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television well, it's a magnificent stone. they put it up this morning. it's just a magnificent stone. jerry? george... we'll leave you alone with her. what? i'm sure there are things you'd like to say. no, i-i-i-i'm good. really.
, unemployment, failure to graduate, functional illiteracy in detroit. this is a major urban environment. a major failure. this shows the world america has made great strides and americans made great strides but we have a lot of challenges. we need to move into 2013 and take these views on in our current environment. education is the civil rights issue today what we do as a nation is we degrade and we lose our culture, our work force. we lose our ability. america is the land of opportunity. if you're not educated, you can't take advantage of that opportunity. >> you know, 50 years after the march on washington, one of the questions is how much longer the government should give special treatment to minorities? back in 2003 then justice sandra day o'connor was the swing vote upholding continued racial preference necessary college tuition. she said that should end back then in 25 years. she backed off that 25-year deadline. but at some point does affirmative action, does special treatment need to end? >> i think president obama addressed that before saying perhaps we should be looking more at econom
of the al qaeda network in yemen. he was behind the foiled underwear bomb blot on a plane over detroit. well, now there's word he's developed a surgical technique to implant bombs in a person's body. reportedly, he planted a bomb in his own brother's body in an unsuccessful attempt on a saudi arabia official. his brother died in that attack. >>> the city of johannesburg south africa is apologizing to nelson mandela and his family for mistaken posting a -- mistakenly posting a note on his house that demanded $660 was supposed to have been delivered at a different house. >>> japan is calling for the eradication of nuclear weapons. it marks 68 years since the atomic bombing of heir rowshy ma -- hiroshimo. that killed more than 145,000 people. japan has been debating the use of nuclear energy after the meltdown from the tsunami in 2011. >>> new information in a possible motive in last night's deadly rampage at a council meeting in ross township right outside of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. witnesses say the gunman burst into a board of supervisors' meeting and started shooting. police arrested that
of detroit and new orleans and even parts of georgia, some of the areas considering banning saggy pants. supporters of the bill call the style vulgar and disrespectful and others call it a fashion statement and a teenage trend. the aclu says any law that bans saggy pants pants is unconstitutional. >>> a bill allowing noncitizens to serve on a jury if they're in this country legally is headed to governor browns desk. freemont assemblyman, bob rikowski wrote the bill and said it would widen the poll of propertyive jurors. and -- prospective jurors. >>> 7:17. sal is very proficient in traffic. he's telling us about a bad situation in oakland. >>> it's better now. as a matter of fact it has become a lot better and the traffic is doing better on 880 and 580 in oakland, there was a crash on 580 at 24. that was there for 40 minutes. they cleared it. once that accident was cleared, the traffic recovered nicely. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. some people who were caught behind the back up at the accident are now showing up at the toll plaza. that is delay here of
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)